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From the discovery of Australia’s first payable gold at Ophir in 1851 and for several years after this memorable event, the history of New South Wales is dominated by the feverish rush to find gold – the splendid triumphs and bitter disappointments, the ‘mateship’ of the original diggers and the dramatic impact the gold discoveries had on rural societies and economies.

Explore the Highlights of the Gold Trails and discover for yourself how this golden heritage vein underpins the story of the towns, villages and landscapes of NSW.

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Gold Trails Heritage

Travel the Gold Trails and see the stories of those who won the gold and those who stole the gold brought to life.

The night too quickly passes
And we are growing old,
So let us fill our glasses
And toast the Days of Gold;
When finds of wondrous treasure
Set all the South ablaze,
And you and I were faithful mates
All through the roaring days.

Henry Lawson,The Roaring Days, 1889

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Chinese on the Goldfields

When gold was found at Lambing Flat in 1860, thousands of miners and prospectors rushed to the new field. Among the new arrivals were 1,500 Chinese miners.

The Chinese were an organised and highly productive workforce, operating in groups of between 30 and 100 men under the direction of a leader. They were industrious and patient, often doing well on fields where others could not.

Many Chinese never made it south of the border, as they often discovered the New South Wales countryside much to their liking and unearthed new gold rich areas for themselves as they went. Chinese miners staked their claims on the Lambing Flat field from its earliest days.

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Heritage Landscapes

The towns and villages of central and south-west New South Wales open a window on the rich and colourful history of the area.

Many towns have preserved their original heritage character, combining beautifully preserved buildings with experiences that are unique to the town’s history and culture.

Every town and village across the gold trails has its own echoes…

These are usually best listened to via an early morning, pre-breakfast stroll on a short break.

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The Gold Trails

The Gold Trails experience includes visits to the Lucknow and Ophir sites in Orange, where the first saleable gold was found. Heritage mining landscapes such as the historic Hills End Site at Bathurst, Reefers Mill at Adelong-Tumut and O’Brien’s Hill at Grenfell each have relics of the mining boom days.

There are social echoes in the Chinese contribution at Lambing Flat in Young and the bushranger stories that span the Gold Trails.

Travel the Gold Trails and take the opportunity to fossick for your own golden treasure along the way.

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Visit the towns and villages of the Gold Trails to experience our golden heritage.

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Explore historical mining sites or fossick for treasure – there’s a lot to do on the Gold Trails.

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Gold Trails

Include one of our Recommended Gold Trails in your visit to the central and south west NSW.

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Discover the rich gold heritage vein that underpins the towns and villages of the Gold Trails.

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