Forbes Cemetery Tour

Ben Hall and Kate Kelly are among the colourful characters resting at the Forbes Cemetery. Take a self-guided with the Cemetery Borchure and learn about the strange, the scary, and the folk who settled Forbes.

Grenfell Cemetery

There are many early graves in the Grenfell cemetery including some Chinese graves. Further information including English translations of the Chinese headstones are available from the Grenfell Historical Society. In addition bush ranger Daniel Charters, a member of Ben Halls gang, is also buried in the Grenfell Cemetery.

Chinese Heritage in Young

Reasearching your family history and connections to Young? Ah Geang, Quey, Ah Sing and Seng Chai are names which remain entrenched in the history of early Young as the first freehold title holders of land within the town of Young and surrounding areas. Many people have traced ancestry back to the gold fields of Lambing [...]

Lupton’s Lookout

On Sunday 14th July 1861, William Lupton, a miner, was shot dead during an attack on the Police Camp by rioters attempting to release the prisoners held there. The prisoners being held had been arrested for participating in the attack on the Chinese miners on the 30th June, 1861.

Lambing Flat Riots

Lambing Flat was a poor man’s gold field, it was alluvial and mostly 1.5m to 16m below the surface, which meant expensive equipment was not needed. This was the same for the Chinese, who were also poor men, but the Europeans did not see it that way. They resented the Chinese who they claimed looked [...]

Lambing Flat Chinese Festival

The Lambing Flat Chinese Festival marks Young’s turbulent gold rush history and the important contribution of the Chinese in the development of Australia.

St Mark’s Church, Currawong

The Roberts family built the bluestone Anglican Church 10 km northwest of Murrumburrah in 1918-19 adjacent to Currawong Station, where James Roberts sheltered 1,274 Chinese miners from the Lambing Flat riots in 1861. The neat little cemetery in the grounds of the Church, Currawong contains inscriptions dating from 1919 to the present day. The monuments [...]

Chinese Tribute Garden 華敬花園

Chinaman's Dam was built in the 1860's by German brothers Herman and John Tiedmann to provide water for the sluicing of their Victoria Hill gold claims. The brothers, at some time in the 1870's sold their area to a Chinese group who then worked on the site. Chinese miners would have fled past this site [...]

Blackguard Gully

This historical site is significant to the early gold rush history of the township of Young. Young Chinese miners were brutally expelled from Blackguard Gully, one of the major Chinese camps on the goldfield, in January and again in June 1861. Evicted into the surrounding country with no equipment or provisions, the Chinese walked the [...]

Chinese Cemetery, Murrumburrah

The Chinese section in the south-east corner of Murrumburrah Cemetery is the burial site of at least 21 Chinese men aged from 39 – 85, who died between 1881 and 1925. Their occupations included vegetable gardeners, cooks, storekeepers, miners, labourers, a skin buyer and vegetable hawkers.