Binda Historic Administrative Centre

An aboriginal word meaning “big” or “deep water”. Many water holes along Binda Creek exist and were used by the Gandangara people whose tribal lands stretched from Binda towards Taralga, Mittagong and Oberon.

Settled since the 1820s Binda became the administrative centre of the district with first police station, post office, court house and government school in the Crookwell River district. Bushrangers including the Whitton Gang, John Dunn, John Gilbert and Ben Hall are known to have roamed the sparsely inhabited hills of the region.

On Boxing Day 1864 a Christmas Ball was held. Ben Hall, John Gilbert and John Dunn rode into Binda with three local girls to go to the dance. Before dancing they held up Morriss’ Store and robbed their takings, over 100 pound. They rounded up all the village folk and the Morriss’ forcing them to come to the dance, where they locked them all in. Mr Morriss (a retired policeman) escaped around 2am and attempted to get police to help. A furious Ben Hall burnt down Morriss’ store as retaliation.

Binda is probably best known for the annual Binda Picnic Races held in March each year at the Funny Hill Racecourse since 1848.

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Key Highlights

  • Binda Picnic Races held in March each year
  • Binda Mill featuring Michael Bligh Gardens
  • Markdale featuring Edna Waling Gardens
  • 1864 St James Anglican Church
  • A Country Wedding Binda - Function Centre

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Things to do in Binda

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