Bookham Heritage Buildings

You never heard tell of the story? Well, now, I can hardly believe! Never heard of the honour and glory Of Pardon, the son of Reprieve? But maybe you’re only a Johnnie And don’t know a horse from a hoe?

The first lines of Banjo Patterson’s Old Pardon the Son of Reprieve, said to be inspired by Bookham races. He also tells of winning a ginger beer as an eight year old there when he lent a jockey his saddle.

An atmospheric cricket ground with white picket fence is still a focal point for the Bookham area, 29 kilometres west of Yass, once known as Bogolong in its early days as a settlement.

The town is a rewarding rest stop for travellers on the Hume Highway. Two beautiful churches from local granite, the 1926 Uniting Church and the Catholic St Columbus still welcome a strong grazing community.

Barneys of Bookham is a haven inviting you to relax and unwind as you travel along the Hume.

The area has also become an eco-tourism destination with the Murrumbidgee Canoe Trail starting at Nanangroe Reserve near the village.

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Things to do in Bookham

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Things to do in Bookham

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