Galong Cemetery Marvellous monumental work

The cemetery lies about a kilometre to the east of Galong House (monastery) and is likely to date back to the 1830s. In 1987 the National Trust of Australia classified Galong Cemetery recognising its historical and cultural significance.


Galong Cemetery had its beginning as a burial ground provided by Edward Ryan, probably as early as the 1820s, for family and employees on his extensive estates. It gradually developed into a cemetery for the Irish Catholic population, clergy and religious in the area before eventually coming under the administration of the Harden Shire Council as a general cemetery.

The Friends of Galong Cemetery were established in 1994 and obtained grants from the Heritage Council of NSW with further assistance from the Harden Shire Council, the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.

Using expert masons and local voluntary labour the cemetery was restored and in 1999 their endeavours were rewarded with a National Trust Heritage Award.

There are many striking features in this small cemetery. Two soaring marble monuments over graves of the Ryan Family were carved by the renowned monumental mason and sculptor Frank Rusconi and are said to have cost 1,000 pounds each – a fortune back then. Vaults erected for the Murphy and Ryan families and a most beautiful coped granite wall around the entire site are others.

Access to the cemetery is along a marked pathway accessed from the main driveway.

Physical address

Galong Road
Galong NSW


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