Galong Gems of Heritage

Galong may be slightly off the main road network but it is a must-see for passers-by.


Galong has a population of about 380 people and contains many early residences and commercial buildings.

St Clement’s monastery closed in 1975 and has since been redeveloped as a retreat and conference centre.

Attached to the monastery is an old cemetery classified by the National Trust of Australia.


It all began at Galong when Irish transportee Edward ‘Ned’ Ryan settled there in the late 1820’s. The Ryans introduced new forms of agricultural practice and these resulted in wealth and success for them and ultimately, the wider community. In due time, the last of the Ryans died without issue and through the will of Ned’s son John Nagle Ryan, the family property was passed onto the Redemptorist Congregation who established a monastery and a juvenate named for St Clement Hofbauer (1751-1820), in 1918.

For many years the village was the service centre for the monastery.



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Things to do in Galong

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Key Highlights

  • St Clement's Retreat (monastery)
  • Galong Cemetery

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Things to do in Galong

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