Johnny Gilbert’s Grave Bushranger

Flash Johnny – snappy dresser, sweet talker, big spender…

As you explore Johnny Gilbert’s stamping ground, you might consider whether he was the baddest bushranger of all. With 630 armed holdups to his short career he was certainly hard working! But May 13 1865 was a bad day for Johnny Gilbert as he was shot dead in a paddock on the bank of the Balgalal Creek near Binalong.


At the time of his death at just 23, he was the most infamous criminal in Australia, a one-time member of Ben Hall’s gang with the notorious Frank Gardiner. Gilbert had come to Australia from his native Canada with his uncle in search of gold.

In 1864 he’d shot a police sergeant during a robbery of the Gundagai Mail and a thousand pound reward was placed on his young head. After a tip-off from an accomplice, Gilbert was surrounded by troopers but lost his final gunfight. The tale is told in several folksongs, such as Ben Hall: With twelve revolving rifles all pointed at his head…Where are you Gilbert? where is Dunn? he loudly did call.

Johnny Gilbert was usually described as an intelligent and educated man, nicknamed Happy Jack because he was always laughing. He is remembered as a “splendid horseman, a deadly shot, always polite to women and of irrepressible good humour and witty speech.”

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Burley Griffin Way Binalong NSW 2582

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Accessible at all times. Park and walk up the stars to view the final resting place of Johnny 'flash" Gilbert

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