The Carrington Gold and Silver Mine was located on the road to Marulan, north of Goulburn.


Marulan is a little village on the side of the Hume Highway, about 20 minutes north of Goulburn, with an emerging foodie scene and welcoming community the village lies exactly on the 150th meridian. The 150˚ meridian is used as the basis for Australian Eastern Standard Time, giving Marulan true time. During the equinox, occurring twice a year in autumn and spring, the sun rises precisely at 6am and sets precisely and 6pm. Marulan is the only town in the Australian Eastern Stand Time Zone that can say this truly occurs. Meridians are also an aid for navigators on the lonely runs from south to north.


The township is steeped in history including bushrangers holding up traffic travelling north to Sydney from the Southern goldfields. Marulan features a number of historic buildings including two churches, a rectory, historic pub and some fine examples of commercial buildings dating back to 19th Century. Discover the history of Marulan and chat to a friendly local as you unravel the history of this peaceful little village on the Marulan Historic MeanderThe self-guided walk takes you through the streets of Marulan to uncover the history of the area and the people that came before us. The Police Station and Residence, Railway Station, Great Southern Garage, Churches and old Hotels are just some of the pieces of history that you will uncover along the way.

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Things to do in Marulan

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Key Highlights

  • Marulan Historic Meander
  • Marulan's Meridian Park - where 40 flags are flown, at different times of the year, representing the different countries of origin of the citizens of Marulan
  • Come fly a kite in Marulan during October at the annual Kite Festival that features kite making and flying as well as art exhibitions and markets.
  • Marulan's Australia Day activities in January
  • Harmony Day multicultural celebration in October
  • Christmas lights tours in December

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Things to do in Marulan

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