Old style houses in Tumut.

On the historic buildings heritage walk of Tumut, many houses are mentioned.


On the historic buildings heritage walk of Tumut, many houses are mentioned.

RICHMOND STREET is where the first government school was built, no longer a school but being used as a private residence. French doors opened onto a Bull nosed verandah.  A steep gabled roof completes the house design.

Quite a few of the houses listed on the walk were in Fitzroy street.

64 Fitzroy street – This home was built in 1875 to be used as the residence of the first Headmaster of the Public school. The house didn’t have a bathroom, laundry or water tank, so water was brought to the house in casks from the River. It was 1889 before a laundry and bathroom were added. This is a large brick house built in Victorian style, a picket fence completes the scene.

Others in Fitzroy street are at no. 69 – Semi-detached cottages built in Flemish bond brickwork in the late 19th century.
No. 60 is a typical late Victorian home with an arched timber valance on the verandahs

Has a row of three cottages that are still in good condition. There is decoration on these houses from 1895.
Sefton House is on the corner of Russell and Richmond streets. It is a large Victorian style brick house built around 1900 to be used as a Maternity Hospital. In 1940 it was used as the headquarters of the Italian Prisoners of War.

Many more here to see, but not Victorian style! Along here is a Federation style home and Edwardian style homes .

In Wynyard Street the old Police Residence is one to be viewed on the walk. The building is classed as a c1900 Federation style Cottage. The walls are painted rendered brick whilst the front window draws your attention as it is arched and has lead-light panels.

Another stop is made at the small workman’s cottage from 1880, once again there are some rounded windows, quite common in Tumut. The next cottage is much newer as it was built in the 1920’s and has cavity brick walls.

Wortes’ cottage is a Victorian cottage which features English colonial brickwork and Victorian chimneys. The timber fretwork below the roof iron and the bay window is beautiful. A nice old home that still looks good! This was originally used as the Police Barracks.

Another cottage built in the same era, was built of wood and had French doors and lattice trim on the side of the veranda, not as lavish as some but still beautiful in its own right.

Even though these are some of the ones mentioned on the walk, you will find many more of interest!

For more information on Tumut go to:  www.visittumut.com.au


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