Peak Hill Open Cut Experience

The Peak Hill Open Cut Gold Mine is located near the Centre of town off Mingelo Street, the mine features 5 spectacular open cuts, walking trails and viewing platforms. The gold mine is open 7 days for self-guided tours, group bookings available by phoning the Parkes Visitor Information Centre on 02 6862 6000.

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The historic mine at Peak Hill operated between 1893 and 1917, producing about 60,000 ounces from 500,000 tonnes of rock. Alkane excavated for gold on the site between 1996 and 2002, retrieving 145,000 ounces from 4.9 million tonnes.

While much of the historic operations were consumed by the recent mining activity, Alkane has managed to preserve some of the old workings. The Open Cut Experience includes both the historic works and the more recent mines, with self guided walking paths constructed.

The Open Cut Experience offers a rich tourism experience, with visitors able to access viewing areas over five open cuts, spectacular views from the hilltop, walking trails, rest areas, and a bridge walk over historic mine workings.

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