Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece Gundagai

The sculptor of the famous Dog on the Tuckerbox, Frank Rusconi, also left another impressive legacy for Gundagai in the form of a unique cathedral-in-miniature. Coined ‘Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece’, Rusconi wanted to showcase the diversity and beauty of NSW marble.

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A true craftsman, Rusconi built this impressive display from 20,948 individual pieces of marble, every piece cut, turned and polished by hand over a 28 year period. Incredibly, no plans or drawings have ever been found and it appears he did the statue entirely by sight alone. Rusconi was a very talented man, some of his other works include the marble stairway at Westminster Abbey in London. He died in 1964 at the age of 90 leaving us with a legacy of these extraordinary marble sculptures.

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Physical address

Gundagai Visitors Centre, 249 Sheridan Street, Gundagai NSW 2722

Opening times

Open 7 days (except Christmas Day)
9am - 4.30pm

Pricing and Conditions

Adults $5 , Pensioners $3, Children $2 , Family Group $10. Coaches also welcome $3 pp.


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