Sculpture in the Paddock

Sculpture in the Paddock is staged in the beautiful surrounds of the National Trust property
‘Cooma Cottage’, once home of the famous Australian born colonial explorer Hamilton Hume.

From the Friday 18th September until the 12th October 2015 these beautiful sculptures will be on display for everyone to enjoy.


Sculpture in the Paddock was conceived by sculptors Al Phemister and Duncan Waugh as part of the 2013 YASSarts arts weekend.

In determining the location for the event YASSarts creator Kim Nelson enthusiastically recommended the National Trust property ‘Cooma Cottage’ just outside the the town of Yass, NSW. With its rolling hills and splendid visual curtilage, they all agreed the National Trust property was tailor-made for such an event.

Part of the impetus behind the project was the fact that the Yass Valley boasts an unusually high proportion of sculptors – some of national and international standing. Veteran sculptor Rosemary Madigan, whose work features in state gallery collections; Michael le Grand, past head of Sculpture at ANU; Wendy Teakel, current head of Sculpture at ANU; David Jenz and Phil Spelman, whose work can be found in public spaces throughout Canberra and beyond, and Lee Tunks who runs ‘Man of Steel’ a company that specializes in contemporary architectural and sculptural metalwork – to name just a few. On top of this, the town of Yass boasts no less than four sculptures by iconic Australian sculptor, the late Tom Bass.

Physical address

756 Yass Valley Way Yass NSW 2582


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