The Loaded Dog Hotel

The Loaded Dog Hotel is a historical and welcoming hotel. Boasting a mouth-watering bistro with open fireplaces, air-conditioned bar and a rich bush-ranging history.

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It was at the Loaded Dog where a meeting was called in the early 1860’s by the infamous bushranger Frank Gardiner. He invited the Clark Brothers and the equally infamous Ben Hall to meet him for a “summit” at the hotel to discuss a major robbery. The Majors Creek mine was planning to transport one million pounds worth of bullion along the Braidwood/Goulburn Road, and although the shipment was to be heavily guarded, Frank Gardiner was sure they could succeed. The area around Tarago is a hilly country, and a person could easily “get lost” if they so needed.

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Physical address

1 Wallace Street, Tarago


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