Tumut Railway Precinct

The heritage listed Tumut Railway Station was opened on 12th October 1903 on the Tumut Branch Line from Cootamundra.


Tumut station is a good example of a pioneer station with some remnants of the former yard. Despite losing the platform face, the building is in good condition and is one of the few pioneer buildings to survive in the State. The other elements support the main building, particularly the residence which is one of the best surviving example of this style of residence. All the elements of the group are in excellent condition and are very good examples of a pioneer station complex.
The building has a prominent place in the town of Tumut and is important in the history of the town and the area as the construction of the railway was a major achievement.

The Railway Precinct house a craft shop and potter’s shed.  For more information go to:  www.visittumut.com.au


Physical address

Adelong Road, Tumut.


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