Young - Cherry Capital of Australia

Echoes of gold heritage of the original Lambing Flat can be seen in the buildings and heritage sites of  Young. Enjoy the serenity of the Chinese Tribute Garden, soak up a festival, pick your own cherries, peaches or plums and sample award winning Hilltops Region wines.


Situated on the South West slopes of New South Wales in the heart of the Hilltops Food and Wine Region, Young is renowned for glorious undulating countryside, vineyards, orchards, fascinating pioneering history, exciting events and for being the Cherry Capital of Australia!

Today Young offers unique heritage attractions including, a wide range of accommodation, cafés and restaurants that suit the needs and tastes of every budget.


Young grew up around a paddock called Lambing Flat on the Burrangong Goldfield, which quickly became melting pot of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Resentment towards the well organised, productive Chinese miners resulted in violent threats that boiled over on 30 June 1861. This brought drastic official intervention to restore order, largely at the expense of the Chinese miners’ rights.

No sooner did this violence subside than the bushranger scourge led by Johnny Gilbert and Ben Hall descended on the region over a two year period from 1863 – 64. The guerilla warfare that followed was especially centred upon the countyside and rolling landscapes around Murrumburrah.

Young’s is known around Australia for it’s Cherry industry which dates back to the period around the mid 19th century and the gold rush era. Cherry trees appear to have first been planted in Lambing Flat in 1847 at the home Orchard of a Mr Edward Taylor. In 1878, the first commercial cherry orchard was planted in Young by Croatian Migrant Nikola Jasprica (often known by Anglicised form of his name Nicolas Jasprizza). He had arrived in Lambing Flat in search of gold but after 6 months started a garden and later an Orchard. By 1893 he had 100 acres (40 ha) under cherries with 7000 full-grown and 300 young trees and 60 acres (24 ha) under vines.

It was also during Jasprica’s life time that Young became the first town in the Southern Hemisphere to install electricity into homes of the township. Young is also acknowledged as the first township to institute a rural school bus system in New South Wales.

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Key Highlights

  • The Lambing Flat Chinese Festival in March.
  • Fruit trees blossoming in September and October.
  • The National Cherry Festival in early December.
  • NSW's best new wines from the Hilltops Region.
  • Pick your own seasonal cherries and stone fruit
  • Taubman & Webb Trading Post in Murringo

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Things to do in Young

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