Construction of the Bradley Grange was underway in 1833. It was designed by Francis Greenway for Jonas, Thomas and William Bradley, and was completed sometime after 1836 operating as a partnership in the names of William Bradley and William Shelley, millers and brewers.

Possibly the closest the gold mining industry ever came within the Goulburn City precinct was in 1906 when a gold mining application was made to mine the Goulburn Racecourse (now the Showgrounds, Recreation Area and Paceway, adjacent Australia’s oldest industrial complex — the Bradley Grange & Brewery). The application appears to have been refused.

A visit to Goulburn is incomplete without a conducted tour of this special place in Australian history. The Goulburn Brewery complex houses much more than the brewery itself. There is also a maltings, a steam powered flour mill, cooperage, tobacco curing kiln, as well as a mews of stables and workers’ cottages – all designed as an integrated industrial complex. The complex was reopened in 1990 and incorporates a hotel, restaurant, function rooms, cabaret theatre restaurant, art gallery and accommodation. Today you can taste the real ales, brewed in the time honoured traditional way, with top fermentation in open-top vessels.