Ah Geang, Quey, Ah Sing and Seng Chai are names which remain entrenched in the history of early Young as the first freehold title holders of land within the Town of Young and surrounding areas.

The majority of the Chinese who came to the Lambing Flat goldfields in the 1860s originated from Canton Province, from an area surrounding the Pearl River Delta – the Seiyap 四邑 (four districts of Xinhui, Taishan, Kaiping and Enping) and the Sam Yap (three districts of Nam Hoi, Poon Yee and Soon Tuk).

While many Chinese returned to China, there were a significant number who decided to stay on in Australia. Most of these were men, and while some became solitary figures, others married, had their own businesses and raised families here. Their descendants are members of our society today.