Young Railway Station

Trains arrived in Young 25 years after the gold rush began in 1860. Surveyors set the tracks on the longest level ground in the town; the public school, Temperance & Masonic Halls and Congregational Church 'in the road' were demolished. The station is a perfect example of the High Victorian era, when the state was [...]

Cherry Blossom Long Lazy Lunch

It sounds simply divine. An invitation to savour a long lunch in the breathtaking orchard landscape, covered in pink and white blossoms, and home to Australia's best cherries in Cherry Capital country. Long trestle tables, exceptional Hilltops food and wines, and the rustic charm of one of Young's most picturesque orchards combine for a promising [...]

Young and Region Farmers Market

At the Young & Region Farmers Market you’ll find local produce such as farm fresh seasonal stone fruit and vegetables, honey, goats milk soap and other products, olive oil, wines and much more.  

Bang Bang Hotel

The small village of Koorawatha is the site of a notable 1864 gun battle between bushrangers and the police. The bushrangers tried to steal race horses from the Bang Bang Hotel - they were thwarted by police. The Bang Bang Hotel was demolished in the 1950's - a cairn marks the spot where it used [...]

Chinese Heritage in Young

Reasearching your family history and connections to Young? Ah Geang, Quey, Ah Sing and Seng Chai are names which remain entrenched in the history of early Young as the first freehold title holders of land within the town of Young and surrounding areas. Many people have traced ancestry back to the gold fields of Lambing [...]

Lupton’s Lookout

On Sunday 14th July 1861, William Lupton, a miner, was shot dead during an attack on the Police Camp by rioters attempting to release the prisoners held there. The prisoners being held had been arrested for participating in the attack on the Chinese miners on the 30th June, 1861.

Lambing Flat Riots

Lambing Flat was a poor man’s gold field, it was alluvial and mostly 1.5m to 16m below the surface, which meant expensive equipment was not needed. This was the same for the Chinese, who were also poor men, but the Europeans did not see it that way. They resented the Chinese who they claimed looked [...]

Young Heritage Walk

You’re never far from places of historical significance when you visit Young.  One of the best ways to embrace the past and interact with some of the most noteworthy landmarks of Young is by taking a self directed heritage town walk.  

Hilltops Regional Wine Cellar

The Hilltops Region Wine Cellar is located within the beautifully restored Old Railway Station which is now the Young Visitor Information Centre and boasts some of the best wines from the region! By having the Cellar in the Visitor Centre, it allows you the visitor to see and purchase a selection of wines from the [...]

National Cherry Festival

Young receives thousands of visitors from Australia and beyond during the National Cherry Festival, providing the opportunity to the community of Young – also known as the Cherry Capital of Australia – to celebrate not only the cherry season and harvest (November-December), but the strong sense of pride that exists within the town.