Bang Bang Hotel, Koorawatha – Photo from Circa 1880

From the Burrangong Star’s Extraordinary, May 28, 1864. It is with extreme regret that we have again to record that the southern districts continues to be the favourite seat of action of bushrangers, and to deplore that the notorious Johnny Gilbert, Gardiner’s favourite “Lieutenant” has once more made his appearance. At five o’clock on Friday [...]

Bang Bang Hotel in Koorawatha circa 1920

The name Koorawatha is from a Wiradjuri dialect and means 'A place of pine trees'. Once a large thriving centre, the village of Koorawatha is gateway to the Koorawatha Falls and Koorowatha Nature Reserve located in the Illunie Range, favoured for bird watching and family picnics. The township is famous for a gun battle between [...]