Inside Garroorigang, Hume Historic Home, there are many interesting items including relics of the convict and bushranging eras.

Mandelson’s of Goulburn

Nathan Mandelson purchased the Goulburn Hotel, pulled down the old structure, erected the two storey building known today as Mandelson's of Goulburn.

Bradley Grange and Old Goulburn Brewery

The Goulburn Brewery complex houses much more than the brewery itself. There is also a steam powered flour mill, tobacco curing kiln, mews of stables and workers' cottages - all designed as an integrated industrial complex.


For many years Tarago was a staging post and railhead for the southern line. Today the village boasts a number of historical buildings, particularly the Loaded Dog Hotel.


A major stockade for chain-bound convicts was located on the north side of the Highway at Towrang.


The Carrington Gold and Silver Mine was located on the road to Marulan, north of Goulburn.