Trundle Hotel

The National Estate listed Trundle Hotel to having the longest verandah in NSW measuring 87.6m on the widest main street in the country (60m).

Trundle ABBA Festival

The Trundle ABBA Festival features the international cover band Bjorn Again. You'll want to put your knee-high Go Go boots on and dance the night away!

Parkes Elvis Festival

Come and celebrate Elvis Presley at the Parkes Elvis Festival held annually during the second week of January. The 24th annual Parkes Elvis Festival will be held from 6 - 10 January 2016 with over 20,000 visitors flocking to Parkes for the five day program of events.

Carrington Hotel

Established in 1894, the Carrington Hotel is one of three substantial hotels in Peak Hill. Gutted by fire in 1997, the community of Peak Hill banded together to save this marvelous building.

Peak Hill District Hospital

Developed in 1904 the grand building stands proudly in Caswell Street this Victorian style Peak Hill Hospital is still in operation today.

Club House Hotel

The Club House Hotel was built in 1913 and is located in the main street of Peak Hill.  In the lively Gold mining days, the hotel was known for it's furnishings and the table goods, liquors and cigars - all were of the finest quality.

Peak Hill Art Gallery

Building on the culture of creativity in the town, the Peak Hill Art Gallery has a collection of paintings, woodwork, metalwork, ceramics and more!

Bushman’s Hill

Located on the Newell Highway and Wentworth Street, Parkes, Bushman’s Hill is a great place to explore being the site of one of Parkes’ first gold mines, which operated over 100 years ago.

Peak Hill Open Cut Experience

The Peak Hill Open Cut Gold Mine is located near the Centre of town off Mingelo Street, the mine features 5 spectacular open cuts, walking trails and viewing platforms. The gold mine is open 7 days for self-guided tours, group bookings available by phoning the Parkes Visitor Information Centre on 02 6862 6000.

Memorial Hill

Memorial Hill is the most spectacular view of around Parkes. With a 360 degree view of the town and it's countryside, the hill with the best view of our beautiful area s the perfect spot to sit and enjoy lunch or to come and appreciate the sunset. Memorial Hill is the most visible landmark in [...]