Bang Bang Hotel

The small village of Koorawatha is the site of a notable 1864 gun battle between bushrangers and the police. The bushrangers tried to steal race horses from the Bang Bang Hotel - they were thwarted by police. The Bang Bang Hotel was demolished in the 1950's - a cairn marks the spot where it used [...]

Iandra Castle

If you should happen to be driving through the Central West of NSW, past grazing sheep, amid paddocks of wheat and canola, the last thing you would expect to see is a castle! On the road from Greenethorpe to Young, however, this is just what you will see. Mount Oriel homestead, or Iandra Castle,  is [...]


The fame of the tiny settlement of Koorawatha lies in the remnants of old buildings and the cairn marking the site of a notable gun battle between bushrangers and the police at the Bang Bang Hotel.