Iandra Castle

If you should happen to be driving through the Central West of NSW, past grazing sheep, amid paddocks of wheat and canola, the last thing you would expect to see is a castle! On the road from Greenethorpe to Young, however, this is just what you will see. Mount Oriel homestead, or Iandra Castle,  is [...]

St Marks Church

St Marks Church at Monteagle is one of the enduring landmarks of Monteagle village.

Monteagle Cemetery

Monteagle Cemetery is one of the last remaining original patches of Grassy Whitebox woodland in New South Wales and is protected by a Voluntary Conservation Agreement.


Travel along the Scenic Road to the Monteagle village, enjoy spectacular views from Tout's Look Out. Visit the pioneer cemetery and notice the church buildings. Drive on past the heritage listed Iandra Castle, open for group bookings and well publicised open days.